Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Check your stress

What keeps you calm and focused? How could knowing that keep your career on track? There was one period in my career where I was stressed. It wasn’t regular stress, it was high stress. I did and didn’t recognize it. I knew I was in a stressful situation, but I didn’t know how much it was affecting me. It wasn’t until someone who worked for me pointed it out. She indicated I was not myself and had been overly critical. I was happy she was comfortable enough to tell me the truth. I needed to hear it from her.

When she gave me the feedback, I listened and accepted it. I thanked her and let her know she was right and I would correct it. I wasn’t able to change the stressful circumstances overnight, but I could change my own behavior. What did I need to stay calm and focused? Where did I feel the happiest? For me, the answer was easy. I find my peace in exercise; specifically running, swimming or yoga. I realized that my stressful situation was taking up so much of my time that I stopped exercising. I let the stress take over.

Although I had a lot to do during the work day, I became twice as productive and pleasant by carving out that hour to exercise; before work, after work, lunch time. It had to be a priority for me.

How can you keep yourself in balance? Who can be your trusted co-worker to tell you when you are not yourself? What activity keeps you focused and calm? How can you keep your stress in check?

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