Monday, September 9, 2013

Aesthetic. A Beautiful Principle.

In our industry aesthetic is often used as a candidate evaluation.  This can be tricky because aesthetic is very subjective and fluid. 

It can be an adjective;  concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.   "the paintings give deep aesthetic pleasure"

In the case of a quality sought in candidates it is a noun;  a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.  " she has a very goth aesthetic"

Aesthetic is a quality often evaluated in Design and Merchandising candidates.  A Designer’s aesthetic can be evaluated based on their portfolios.  Aesthetic can also be evaluated based on how a candidate dresses and presents themselves during the interview, or on their social/professional media space.  Interview questions can be asked to evaluate a candidate's aesthetic.    What brands do you think look the best this season?   What is your very favorite piece of clothing? 

Aesthetic has a huge span in fashion.   It is one of the many things that makes apparel so interesting.  Gap Kids and Justice have an entirely different aesthetic in girl’s clothing.   Some brands have a very clear aesthetic and some struggle with consistency.   If you are thinking about joining a brand it will be important that you understand their aesthetic.  What space are they in?  Is this where they want to be or are they trying to change the aesthetic?

Hiring managers are usually most comfortable selecting talent with a personal aesthetic that is aligned with the brand aesthetic. 

How important do you think aesthetic is as a candidate quality?   Can a person change their aesthetic?  (I have to hope so based on how I dressed in the 80’s.) What brands does your personal aesthetic align with?   What are some ways to determine whether aesthetic is a fit in the most objective way?

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