Monday, February 17, 2014

Evolution versus Revolution

Frequently, when a company has a management change, the expectations on employees change… often overnight. I've experienced this several times in my career and it’s never pleasant. One minute you are at the top of your game, contributing, being productive, solving problems, answering questions and the next minute you feel like a failure. You have no idea what’s going on. What happened?

Not only does it take time to adjust to the new sheriff, but new expectations need to be outlined and made clear. Whether you are the new manager or the employee with a new manager, communication is the key. As a manager, what are the things that are important to you? Once you identify, how can you be open and share with the team? When you have a conversation or interaction that is or is not meeting your expectations, how can you use that example to guide your new team?

As an employee with a new manager, how have you identified what is important to the new manager? What does s/he value? How can you adjust your standards to meet the expectations of your new leader?

The transition period is never easy, but communication can help make the change an evolution versus a revolution. 

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