Monday, April 7, 2014

Already Gone

Have you ever worked with someone who resigned from their job, gave two weeks’ notice and completely checked out for that two weeks? 

Your performance in the time between your resignation and the last day you work are as critical (maybe more) to your professional reputation than any other week of work.

Once you resign there is heightened visibility on you as an employee.  Don’t forget for a minute that the people you are leaving behind for now may be colleagues, direct reports or hiring managers at future employers.  They may be approached for networking references.  It is important to continue your commitment, focus and work ethic through your last day.  Make sure that your business is in order for the person who will take your place and that your performance is something to be proud of as you prepare for the next chapter in your career.

Have you ever worked with someone who had a radical change in performance after resigining?  How likely are you to recommend them for future roles? 

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