Monday, August 4, 2014

High performing team

Understanding what you are good at can help you excel in your role. Not only can you accentuate the positive, but you can hire and surround yourself with people who have different skills. It is easy when hiring to look for people you relate to… someone who shares your skills. In reality, you should be looking for a team to complement your skills. At first, this makes getting things done harder. Everyone on the team has a different point of view and as I mentioned, different skills. This usually means individuals will approach and work to solve problems differently. The good news: if you are patient, listen to all points of view and the team trusts each other, the outcome will be optimal as more solutions have been considered and reviewed. Once the team gets into a rhythm and develops this ‘muscle’, you have yourself a high performing team.

What do you do better than anyone else? What aren't you good at? Who do you know who does it really well? How can you respect other points of view? When do you listen to new ideas? What frustrates you about a diverse team?

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