Monday, December 29, 2014


Being great at your job often isn't enough. If you've ever been passed over for a promotion, you know what I am talking about. Whether you like it or not, office politics can play a big role in whether or not you are promoted. Your direct boss can think you are terrific, but it's unlikely you will be promoted unless others agree.

Many people think politics and networking imply a lack of integrity. While in some cases that might be true, you don't have to compromise your integrity to get ahead. How can you ensure others see the great work you are doing? Think about who will advocate for you. Who sees you as a strong player? How are they positioning you in front of the right people? What are you doing to make sure everyone knows the good work you have done? If your peers and reports see you as a confident, inspiring, moral leader, they will start to follow and your value will be seen to others.

Who in the executive team do you have the strongest connection with? How often do you interact with that person? What can you do to show your value and regularly interact with that leader? When you build the foundation on these relationships, it will become evident who will advocate for you.

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