Monday, March 24, 2014

Managing Multiple Job Options

If you are actively looking for new opportunities you might find yourself in a situation where you are interviewing with more than one employer at a time.   This is a good situation to be in if you manage the process with integrity.

It is best to be completely candid when an employer or agency recruiter asks you if you have other options you are considering.  For example…”I have had a phone interview and they are scheduling an on-site.”  or “They have told me they are preparing an offer.”    If you need to keep the brand confidential you should honor that, otherwise it is completely fine to share brand and position.

In our experience, after a candidate has shared that s/he is considering multiple opportunities, the employer will continue to pursue the candidate.  In fact, they usually move more quickly.  The reason being both parties have the opportunity to evaluate each other and the competition.

The objective of sharing your options is not to leverage one against another, or to push salary, but rather provide all companies the opportunity to get you through the process with no surprises along the way.  In your advantage you have the opportunity to review multiple options and select the one that is the best overall situation for you. 

Once you accept an offer, it is import to follow up with the other potential employers.  If a potential employer has ever told you “we went with someone else.” with no feedback you will understand why this is important.  You should be honest with the employer you did not select.  “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pursue the position.  It was a difficult decision, but I have decided to accept another option.”  Be honest about the reasons for your decision. Some reasons we hear are: preferred location, preferred culture, more desirable job content and greater long term growth potential. 

This follow up is courteous, professional and gives the other employer closure while potentially leaving the door open for future consideration.  Blind siding employers with news you withheld throughout the process and lack of follow up can cause employers to not reconsider you as a candidate in the future.

Have you ever interviewed for more than one job at a time?  Were you asked if you were pursuing other options?  Have you ever lost a candidate you wanted to hire to another company? 

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