Monday, March 10, 2014

Turning Obstacles into advantages.

We often have candidates run into hurdles during the interview process.  We have seen candidates turn these hurdles into an advantage. 
Last week we had a candidate flying to interview with a large corporate employer.  She made it but her luggage did not.  There was no time to shop other than at a 24 hour store.  She sent a very calm and cheerful email to us and the employer late evening. Explaining that her luggage had not made it to her destination.  She informed the employer that she would be interviewing in a bit more casual apparel than she had intended to.  She then went to Walmart and purchased new make-up and essentials.

She arrived at her interview poised and confident with a smile.  She nailed her interviews all day.  Because she had explained in advance she did not spend precious interview time describing her dilemma.  The hiring team that met with her was impressed with her positive attitude and focus.  Candidates in similar situations who panic and leave frantic voice messages and spend precious interview time talking about the horrible travel experience often miss their one window to share their skills and their ability to handle random obstacles.

We have had candidates who have slipped and bloodied their hands prior to an interview…trains that are late requiring candidates sprint quite a distance to make it for their first meeting.  With the weather this winter across the country travel delays were a given.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you prior to an interview?  What are some planning steps you could take to avoid troubles with travel and luggage.  A few tips from us.   

Always allow for extra time in the event of unplanned delays.

When flying, we always carry on our make-up, essential toiletries and one extra set of clothes that is appropriate for most any situation. 

Have the contact numbers of the people you are meeting in your phone so if something goes haywire you can let them know about your situation in advance.

In most cases a good sense of humor, a positive attitude and the ability to roll with unplanned obstacles can turn a challenging situation into a very successful one.
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