Monday, May 19, 2014

Following Up After The Interview

So you prepared for your interview.  You feel it went well.  Now you wait.  What is the etiquette for following up after an interview?

The best way to approach this is to ask politely at the end of the interview what to anticipate.  For example:  “Thank you so much for your time today.  Please let me know if you need any additional information/follow up from me.  What should I anticipate for timing regarding feedback on next steps?”

This question is best directed to the HR individual.  In many cases they will begin and end your interview day.  If there is not an HR professional on your interview schedule then it is appropriate to ask the direct hiring manager.

You should also get the email or business mailing addresses of your interviewers.  These can be requested from HR or the receptionist/coordinator that helped arrange your visit.   That SAME day send thank you notes.  Opinions on this vary, but I prefer mailed thank you notes.  These are not a recap of how great you are for the role but a genuine thank you for the opportunity to meet in person and discuss the position.

Why do I prefer written cards?  We all get a million emails that we read and delete to keep our inboxes from blowing up.  If you select a beautiful card it is something that your interviewers physically open.  It shows greater effort on your part as a candidate and it will likely remain on their desks for a few days keeping you top of mind as they make their decision.

What is the average timeframe for feedback?  In a perfect world, candidates should hear within a week.  Clearly we are not in a perfect world.  There are vacations, business travel, scheduling challenges, and additional candidates to evaluate that can delay getting the information.

If you are working through an agency like ours at Apparel Resource we will be following up with the employer regularly and keeping you posted as a candidate.  If you are interviewing directly with the employer and the date that they indicated you should hear something has come and gone, it is appropriate to call or email the HR contact and inquire about the status of your candidacy.   Inquiring once a week if you are not hearing anything is appropriate.  More frequent inquiries do not typically have a positive reaction.

What has been your experience with feedback after an interview?  Do you send your thanks you notes via email or snail mail? 

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