Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Turn around

Twice in my career I made the decision to work for a ‘turn around’. That is, I chose to work for brands that were in either financial distress or had a tarnished reputation. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I liked the idea of restoring a brand to its former glory. With that, I had two similar yet different experiences that will help inform my future employment choices.

Working for a turnaround can be both rewarding and frustrating. Most companies who are in a failing position are aware they need to do something to change the trend. While the company and top management may be committed, the change needs to filter through the entire organization in order to achieve goals associated with a turn around.

What are signs that the entire organization is committed to turn around? How clear is leadership in the organization? Who is in charge? What is his/ her track record? What skills would be valuable in the turnaround environment? How can your skills compliment that? What are some additional considerations you should work through before accepting a role in a turn around?

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