Monday, June 9, 2014

Leading a team

Being a leader can be hard work. Not only are you supposed to get the functional job done, but you are also supposed to inspire and be an example to your team. What does that mean? How do you inspire a team?

First, set a clear vision and goals for the team and each individual member. What does the group want to accomplish as a team? How does the team define success? What does each team member want for their career? What does s/he want to achieve for the short term vs long term? How are the goals aligned with the corporation and each other? Discuss goals with the team.

Once your team has goals & you know what motivates each team member, stay focused. How can you make sure the team has the work life balance while moving them forward in their careers? What are the obstacles you can clear out of their way so they can succeed?

Aside from leading a team, many leaders are tasked with their ‘own’ workload. There is a downstream effect of prioritizing your workload vs that of your team. Sometimes it is hard to lose sight of your role as a leader. How can you set the right example as a leader while delivering results?

What kind of leader do you want to be? How do you ensure you are the leader you want to be? Who can help guide you as a leader? What are some ways you inspire your team?

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