Monday, June 2, 2014

Job Opportunities - Where to post them and where to find them.

When you are a hiring manager with an open position how do you get the word out?  When you are a candidate where do you look?  Times have changed since placing an ad in the classifieds and waiting for resumes to be mailed in.    Here is a list but certainly not all inclusive of options.

1)      Your professional colleague network – don’t ever underestimate word of mouth
2)      Your company’s corporate website
3)      Your personal LinkedIn profile
4)      Your company’s corporate Facebook Page
5)      Your company’s corporate LinkedIn Page
6)      Yes…the newspaper in the local area the job is located
7)       Style Careers – specific to our industry
8) – Design talent
9) – Field Retail talent
10)   Womens Wear Daily career page career tab
11)   NRF SmartBrief =
12) SmartBrief =
13)   There is the option of a radio ad during commute hours
14)   Monster – all industries
15)   Careerbuilder – all industries
16)   Coroflot – predominately Design talent
17)   Alumni pages of Universities known for strong programs in our industry
18) Recruiting Agencies will always share the jobs they are working on with candidates who are looking for a new role.  If you have the budget for a fee as a hiring manager, they will also publish your opening to their network and make contacts specifically for your role.

The key is finding the channel that your target audience will be paying attention to.  What places have you been successful reaching talent or finding job openings?

You can see the job openings we are working on at .

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